2011 年度學生 / 老師分享

2011 年度學生 / 老師分享



The most memorable experience is making friends with teenagers from around the world. It was enjoyable to have lessons with them and interacting with one another.


I have learnt that speaking English is crucial but it's not hard at all. Moreover, I've learnt that people from different countries have different cultures and even different personalities. I have got my sense of being a global citizen strengthened. The counsellors are nice and responsible. The trip can be longer.


KONG Wai Sin

CNEC Christian College


KONG Wai Yan

Buddhist Sin Tak College

Liverpool UK




On 24th July, we went to the church with host family. As this was the last Sunday I spent with them, they asked me to talk about some experiences in front of 20 people in order to practise speaking in English. I think this is the best way to improve my Englsih. And now, I have become more confident in speaking English. I have learnt that we should be considerate.


The counsellors are hard working and can meet our needs. The AEA staff who held the seminars in our school talked clearly about the arrangements of the tour. In conclusion, well done!


WONG Tsz Kwan
Buddhist  Sin Tak College
Liverpool UK


The most memorable experience in our Brighton tour is singing karaoke with my host family, we have sung many songs and we had great fun. I become more independent and my English speaking skills is improved.

The counsellors are helpful. They are willing to help us and solve our problems. They can organise activities systematically. This study tour is useful and wonderful. I suggest this type of study tour should be organised more to let more students join the tour.


LAU Ho Yin
HKTA Tang Hin Memorial Secondary School
Brighton UK


My most memorable experience during the tour is spending a day in the Caversham Wildlife Park. I fed the Kangarooes and had a precious chance touching the wombat and kangarooes. I have learned more Australian culture and their language, Their English is different from that in Hong Kong e.g. television --teles.


The counsellors and AEA staff have been very patient and nice to us. We can find them if we have problems. They have taken good care of us. 


HO Sze Hang
Carmel Secondary School
Perth AU


Frankly speaking, I want to say that every moment in Australia is my memorable experience during the study tour. Actually, staying with the host family is the most memorable experience. No matter having breakky, dinner with them, I really gain a lot of joy from them. I can garantee I will miss them evermore! Wee, I have learnt how to treat people nicely and patiently since the two kids are really "lovely". Yet, I know how to communicate and live with the other people or kids.


Nice for the every AEA staffs and counsellors, they helped us a lot, very impressive, helpful and responsible. Notably Gabby, she accompanies with us for every excursions and she brought us varied jolly. Helping us to cope with different throny problems. The host family is very lovely and 'nice'! They treat us as their 'brief' sons. As a result, I hope that if I want to go to Perth, can we stay with the same host family and if they glad to do so?


LEE Ka Hung
S.K.H. St. Mary's Church Mok Hing Yiu College
Perth AU


The time that I stay with my host family is the most memorable. I love the host family so much and we went to fishing during weekend. There’s a lot of fun. I’ve learnt the culture of the Australia and how they live. The Australian are so nice and they always told us that “no worries!”


The counselor from AEA is fantastic. She is extremely nice and during the trip we were happy stay with her. I’m looking forward to see her in the next trip. I’m glad that I’ve been to have fun three weeks. I've good host family, and that great. I love Australia. And I don’t want to leave.


LAU Kin Hang
S.K.H. St. Mary's Church Mok Hing Yiu College
Perth AU




由於文化差異,起初學生們不免會遇上一些生活起居上的挑戰,例如:食物口味、起居習慣等等,他們從中學習忍耐及欣賞異國文化。到了遊學團尾聲時,很多學生也捨不得寄宿家庭,甚至想多住一段時間。 除此之外,學生們要學習獨立處事和照顧自己。他們要自行尋找正確的巴士和火車往來學校和寄宿家庭,及記熟回家路線。






TAM Ho Hin

HKTA Tang Hin Memorial Secondary School
Brighton UK

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I have learnt how to speak English more fluently and learnt more about Australian culture.


CHONG Lok Ting, James

St Paul’s Co-educational College

Perth AU


My most memorable experience during the study tour is spending time with my host mother, Dorothy. She taught us to cook and made cupcakes with us, we've lots of fun.


LEE Sheung Yi

Munseng College

Perth AU

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The most unforgettable experience I had during the trip was that I got lost with my roommate. Though my host mum Christine spent a lot of time showing us the bus route, we still lost our way home during the first two days.


All the houses and roads were very similar. We could not recognize which bus stop we had to get off. Although we had called Christine for help, she did not really know where we were. She was very nervous at that time. The only thing she could do was waiting at home.


Luckily, we went home safely. We rushed towards her immediately and we gave a big and warm hug to each other. I felt like being part of her family! We learnt a lot of Australian culture during family days. Christine took me to visit her brother and there we learnt a famous game in Australia, Cricket. The memories really enriched my life experiences and I miss my host family very much.


CHAN Luk Yee, Phoebe

Carmel Secondary School
Perth AU


During the trip to Perth, we have learnt a lot more about Australia like the capital city of Australia and the current Prime Minister in Australia in the lessons at Murdoch University.


Besides having lessons at the university, we also learnt a lot of animals that lived in Australia like emu, kookaburra etc. Our class teacher Nikky even took us to the zoo to see the interesting animals like emu and kookaburra etc. She was a fun teacher. She always played games with us in the lessons and asked us to do the group discussion so we could speak English freely.


Before we left, she told us not to forget her and asked us to keep in touch with her on Facebook. I miss her very much and I would never forget the wonderful time in Perth.


MAN Ka Ying, Samantha

Carmel Secondary School
Perth AU




Yan Chai Hospital Lim Por Yen Secondary School

Destination: Melbourne AU


(Mr) CHUI Man Sing 

Imagine you are playing roller coaster in the park. When you ride on it, you can feel that it’s exciting. But don’t you know that you have experience the happiest and sadness? In this trip, most of us improved our English, especially our oral. The teachers in the colleges are enthusiastic to teach us knowledge and pay respect to us, especially Peter Russell, he keeps encourage us to be more confident in speaking English. I feel warm and touch in this study trip. I absolutely think Australian is positive. They are helpful, enthusiastic; show respect to us―accept our opinions, appreciate our merit etc. Generally speaking, I feel that my confident is improved. Although I just upgraded a little, I think I have given response already. I reached my target before I set satisfyingly. I got a good opportunity to practice my English. Cooking is the most enjoyable thing to me. Cook for the girls is my pleasure. Special thanks to Tom Chan.


(Mr) CHAN Wai Lung 

Two weeks in Melbourne is really excellent, the self improvement section there give me a lot of unforgettable experience, this is what I cannot get in HK! The homestay family there is very nice, I hardly find any problem when I stay with them! And Melbourne is really a nice place, people there are very nice, the environment is good!


(Ms) TAI Yau Ying 

I am very happy to join the study tour. I had a good memory in Melbourne. Everything was unforgettable. I saw many kangaroos and tried to feed them. It was a good experience. In Philip Island, I saw a lot of little penguin. I could stand very close to see them. They were very small and cute. I love them very much. So there was my favorite place in Melbourne. Even though I just had thirteen days in Australia, I learned a lot of things. I improved my self-confident, my communication and the relationship with my friends.


(Ms) LO Kwan Wai 

14 days Melbourne trip made me learnt a lot. Some time ago, I didn't take care myself and I thought I was selfish because I won't think about the feeling of others. When I lived in host family, I learnt that what is independence.


(Ms) Ng Tsz Yan 

Melbourne is a good place to study and visit. I had a lot of fun all the time. My host family are very kind, I love them very much. I feel freedom more than HK. I have 14 wonderful days in Melbourne.